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Ordering your Wedding Album is easy.

First, check your contract with your photographer that you have permission ( either own the rights, copyright or joint copyright with your photographer ) that means you can reproduce/print the images for your own personal use, for example in an album. In the case there is no contract, under Copyright law in the case of domestic photography purposes (ie. weddings and portraits), the client/couple automatically retain copyright of the images. Read the FAQs below for more information on ownership of images.

Choose your album size and cover finishes.

Decide if you would like a presentation box to store your album. If yes, then most couples choose to match the box with the album so you don’t need to select finishes. However, you can choose different finishes for a contrasting look.

Either decide on a rough budget for us to work too or tell us a rough amount of pages (spreads) you wish to fill the album.

Complete the online order form.

Then send us your photos.

Either post your digital photos on a USB to : The Coffee Table Book, PO Box 260, Northmead NSW 2152.

Or upload your digital files to an online file service such as Dropbox or the Cloud. Please provide the link in the appropriate place on the order form. If you are using Dropbox, we have been experiencing issues with downloading all the files in one go because there is a large amount of large files when just supplying us with the link. Therefore Dropbox users, please add us hello(at)thecoffeetablebook(dot)com(dot)au (use . not (dot)) to the folder that contains all the images. This way if we have a problem downloading the contents of the folder as one big file, we can download the files in smaller batches. Once your album is delivered, you can then remove us from the folder so we no longer have access.

We will send you an invoice for the initial budgeted cost. At time of order, we require 50% of the invoice amount to get you started. The balance is due upon approval of the design. We accept payments in the form of bank transfers and credit card payments, however, credit card payments do attract a 2% surcharge to cover merchant fees.

That’s your end done.

Now it’s up to our designers to design the layouts using your photos.

From there we will provide you with an online proof of the design to review.

Now you have the opportunity to add/remove/change photos and add/remove spreads from the design. You have two rounds of changes included in the price.

On approval of the design, we quality check the design layouts and may do some further editing to the photos.

Then its off to print and be manufactured.

Then in around 4 weeks your album arrives on your doorstep.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What content can you include in your album?

We can include photos, illustrations/graphics that are provided in a digital format, and text in your wedding album. We can only use content where you are the copyright owner or have authorisation from the owner of the copyrighted photographs or any file that you submit to The Coffee Table Book.

Q. Can you use the images supplied by a professional photographer to create a wedding album?

The Copyright Act states that if a photo is commissioned for ‘private or domestic’ purposes, then the client will be the first owner of copyright. What that means is, copyright in a domestic situation belongs to the client, which incorporates professional portraits and wedding photography. It is important to remember, that the rules in the Copyright Act can be altered by an agreement/contract put in place between the photographer and client.

In most cases, many portrait and wedding photographers do use agreements/contracts to alter the Copyright ownership and sign the copyright back to the photographer. Therefore the photographer owns the copyright of the images they produce for their clients. In some cases, the client is given permission to reproduce the images for personal or domestic use.

You must own copyright or have permission from your photographer for us to use the images to create a wedding album for your personal use. We recommend you check your photography contract and with your photographer, before placing an order to ensure you have permission to to reproduce the images and are not in breach of the contract or copyright before ordering your album.

In the case there is no contract with your photographer, domestic photography incorporating portraits and wedding photography, falls under copyright law that automatically assigns copyright to the client, therefore there is no issue with us using your photographs in an album.

By using The Coffee Table Book you accept all responsibility and that you retain all legal rights to the images that you supply.  The Coffee Table Book will not be liable for any indirect, consequential, incidental, or punitive damages, however caused, regardless of the theory of liability arising out of the use of The Coffee Table Book or arising out of any images posted on The Coffee Table Book website,  even in the event that  The Coffee Table Book has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

For more information refer to the Photographers information sheet on the Australian Copyright Council website.





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